Thank you for visiting the site of Carol B. Amos. Her fervant prayer is that if you are caring for a person who has Alzheimer’s disease, God will be with you and your loved one during your journey. Alzheimer’s is not an easy journey and you should reach out for help. Carol’s desire is to make your journey less stressful and more rewarding.

This website,, contains resources and information that Carol found useful during her journey caring for a loved one with Alzheimers. Carol continues to read, attend conferences, and learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, effective caregiving, and Alzheimer’s prevention. In order to share important resources and information with you on the website please sign up for Carol’s newsletter above.

The original title of this book idea in 2008 was “From Discovery to Recovery.” Even then, Carol was hopeful that a cure would be found. Unfortunately, her mother passed away before this happened. Please support organizations that are working on cures including the Alzheimer’s Association ( and Cure Alzheimer’s Fund ( Carol’s hope and prayer is that a cure will soon be found and her book will no longer be needed.

"I was a caregiver for my mother who had Alzheimer’s for over eleven years. I wrote the book H.O.P.E. for the Alzheimer’s Journey because as I spoke to other caregivers, I found that a little information made a big difference in their caregiving."
~ Carol B. Amos

H.O.P.E. New Years' Sale
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H.O.P.E. - Winner of the Today’s Caregiver Friendly Award
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"It is a blessing to others when God sends you to them as a voice of encouragement."
~ Roy Lessin